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January 1, 1970

Studies on Time Duration of Life Stages of Chrysomya megacephala andChrysomya rufifacies Diptera Calliphoridae during Different Seasons

Shabnamnaz Siddiki and Zambare SP Source: research
January 1, 1970

Evaluation of the SPERM TRACKER for Semen Stains Localization on Fabrics

Eacutemilie Borges, Agnegraves Degiuli, Steacutephanie Desrentes, Ceacuteline Popielarz, Loiumlc J Blum and Christophe A Marquette Source: research
January 1, 1970

The Evaluation of the Deaths Related to Hypothermy in Eskisehir between 1997and 2016

Karbeyaz K, Adnan C, Emrah E, Gulsum OE Source: research
January 1, 1970

A Retrospective Study of Neonaticides in Shanghai from 2007 to 2013

BeiXu Li, YanChang Ge, AiMin Xue, KaiJun Ma and YiWen Shen Source: research