Mumbai: Hawker at Dadar flower market 'kidnaps' 4-year-old girl, held – indian crimanalist

Mumbai: Hawker at Dadar flower market 'kidnaps' 4-year-old girl, held

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A four-year-old girl, who was kidnapped on May 8 from near Dadar railway station, was traced on Friday to Solapur. The girl was brought back to Mumbai and handed over to her mother.

On May 8, the woman, a labourer who resides in Kalyan and works at Borivali took a train to Dadar. She, along with her kids, were on platform 5 of Dadar station’s Central line waiting for a Kalyan train. She moved away from the kids for a brief period to buy some eatables for her hungry kids. Upon returning she realised that her daughter was missing. She looked for her daughter everywhere, but she couldn’t find her.

According to an official, “The next day, the mother filed a complaint with Dadar Railway Police. After taking the complaint, we started looking at all the CCTV footage from all the platform but couldn’t find any suspect.”

The cops then focused around the area outside the Dadar railway station. The cops got information that a couple who sell flowers at the famous Dadar flower market, had not been seen for many days. The cops zeroed in on them and found them at a village in Solapur along with the girl. The couple and the girl were brought to Mumbai on Friday. The cops arrested only the man — 55-year-old Laxman Kale.

While investigating, Kale told the cops that he was going to his village with his wife for her treatment when they saw the girl at the flower market. They searched for her parents but couldn’t find them so they decided to take her to their village.

The cops, however, are finding it difficult to believe Kale’s version. They are investigating all the angles, including the possibility that the couple were about sacrifice the girl.

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